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Wolverhampton Speedway - 1951

The 1950 meeting was such a success that a Wolverhampton team (nicknamed the ‘Wasps’) entered league speedway for the first time ever. The promotion, headed by Australian Team Manager Arthur Simcock, opted for the team to begin racing in the third division of the National League. With a large number of tracks chasing a small number of riders, transfer and signing-on fees were large. The promotion took the view that it was better to persevere with youngsters, although bad weather hampered the chances of youngsters breaking through from the close season training school. A youthful and inexperienced team took to the track for the first time on 14 April, and suffered a resounding 28-54 defeat at Long Eaton. Things didn’t get any better as the season progressed. Wolverhampton was ‘open house’ to any rider who had failed at other tracks and the team finished bottom of the league. Amazingly, this is the only time that a Wolverhampton team has had this dubious honour in league speedway. (written before 1999 - Ed)

One bright spot was the form of Roy Moreton, who was a rock in a stormy season at Monmore Green. Other notables were Ronnie Genz and Cyril Maidment, both of whom went on to become world finalists, and New Zealander Jack Cunningham, who was soon to become Wasps’ team manager.

Wasps turned their back on their ill-fated policies of 1951 in the following season.
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Mark Sawbridge