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Wolverhampton Speedway - 1965/6/7

In the winter, an enquiry chaired by Lord Shawcross ordered both teams to merge without any recriminations.  Luckily this solution was acceptable to both leagues, and Wolves took their place in the 18-strong British League.  It was a decent season, and with Andrews on board at last and Jarman in top form, Wolves finished in the decent position of 7th.  One particular highlight was the 64-14 drubbing of Newport on October 8, which is still one of speedway’s biggest ever victories.  Had Jim Airey not fallen in Heat 2 the result could have been an absolute whitewash.

1966 saw Jim Airey stay in Australia and Bob Andrews retiring.  This took Wolves down to 9th, despite the encouraging performances of Gordon Guasco.

1967 was similarly mediocre, although Wolves fans will remember it for the sensational impact made by Swede Hans ‘Hasse’ Holmqvist who, as an unknown youngster, opened his British career with a maximum against Cradley Heath on March 24.  Holmqvist never capitalized on his early promise, although he was handicapped by a couple of nasty injuries.

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Mark Sawbridge



I remember some of the Wolves riders including Pete Jarman and James Bond appearing as extra's in the tea time soap Crossroads. There was a Speedway team on tour who stopped at the Motel. Action shots were filmed at Monmore and Jarman crashed during the filming and broke his ankle. Will the present Wolves be invited to take part in the soon to return Crossroads?

Tony Duncombe