Wolves History


Wolverhampton Speedway - 1985

The British League underwent a crisis in the close season, with five teams dropping out.  This left just eleven teams which was, at the time, the lowest in the league’s history.  With a strict points limit being fixed, riders were easily available and Adams picked up Bobby Schwartz (on loan) and John Eskildsen from Eastbourne, as well as Gerd Riss and Brian Jakobsen from Poole.  The team began well, at one stage topping the start-of-season League Cup table.

The day which turned the season was May 6, a Bank Holiday Monday in which Wolves were riding at Reading in the morning and at home to Oxford in the evening.  The meeting at Small mead was a disaster.  On a poorly-prepared circuit, 8 riders fell in the first five races.  This led Wolves riders to walk out.  When the referee let the Racers’ riders continue round for a series of 5-0s, Wolves fans leapt the fence and sat on the track.  The meeting was abandoned, but the injuries sustained were enough to leave Wolves with their first home defeat that evening.

Eventually, Wolves’ riders, management and fans were exonerated of all blame but the damage had been done.  From then the season was a catalogue of injuries and rain-offs.  Eskildsen and Peter Ravn in particular were out for long periods and Wolves slumped to a league placing of tenth out of eleven.  Good job that Schwartz was so consistent, if not spectacular, in his role as Wolves number one.

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Mark Sawbridge