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Wolverhampton Speedway - 1963
Tommy Sweetman's Account - Feb. 2001

There is absolutely no question that the management of both Wolverhampton and Middlesborough, plus the meeting Referee, knew that the Wolverhampton riders were riding under protest at that meeting at Middlesborough. I was the captain of the Wolves at that time and we submitted a written protest prior to the start of the match. It was not a matter of complaining after the result, we complained before the start of heat one.
Although it seems like a strange way to win a League Title, you should not forget that there were a lot of other matches, both home and away, where all the teams raced with legally registered riders. To put another view, it would have been wrong for Wolverhampton to have been robbed of the title by a team with non-registered riders!
Tracks had a lot of co-promoters running Speedway. Often you would have a meeting where the management of both teams were the same. This made it very difficult and the concept of the "Team" was important to the riders and the supporters. So it was only right that the public who gave their loyal support got the correct result.
During the early 1960's the spectator support for Speedway was huge. In fact, Speedway was the second biggest spectator sport in UK, behind Horse Racing. More people went to Speedway every week than to English soccer! So it was only right that those loyal supporters got the right result. Crowd support at Monmore Green was huge, often the gates were closed prior to the start of the meeting because the ground was full.
I hope this gives you further insight into the activities of the period. If you need any further information I would be happy to assist.

Tom Sweetman

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