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The first Speedway meeting to be held at Monmore Green was in 1928. We have a number of articles covering the years between then and now written by fans past and present, and even one or two riders. We hope you enjoy browsing through these memories.

The majority of the articles here came from the pen of Mark Sawbridge who has recently produced a truly fantastic book which details the entire history of Wolverhampton Speedway. If you are a speedway fan you will love this book. If you are a Wolves fan - you will treasure it.
Find out how to order your copy here

Year Link
2000 New century - Familiar Faces - Andy Higgs
1999 A Good Start.... - Andy Higgs
1997/8/9 Hard Act to Follow - Mark Sawbridge
Wolves' 70th Anniversary article - Mark Rowe
1996 THE DOUBLE - Mark Sawbridge
1994/5 Karlsson Take-Over - Mark Sawbridge
1992/3 Oh So Very Close! - Mark Sawbridge
1991 League Champions - Mark Sawbridge
1990 Bad to Brilliant - Mark Sawbridge
1988/9 Cup Final/Sam's Smash - Mark Sawbridge
1986/7 Financial Troubles - Mark Sawbridge
1985 Reading Sit-In - Mark Sawbridge
1984 Modern Monmore - Mark Sawbridge
1979/80/81 Monmore Closes Again - Mark Sawbridge
1977/8 Wolves Sign Hans - Mark Sawbridge
1975/6 Gary Petersen - Mark Sawbridge
1973/4 Olsen Unhappy - Mark Sawbridge
1970/1/2 World Champion - Mark Sawbridge
1968/9 Olsen Revival - Mark Sawbridge
1965/6/7 Satisfactory - Mark Sawbridge
Crossroads - Tony Duncombe
1964 Third in the League - Mark Sawbridge
1963 Problems and Controversy - Mark Sawbridge
The Captain's Story - Tom Sweetman
1961/2 Emergence of the 'Wolves' - Mark Sawbridge
1960s Recollections of Gordon Guasco - Derek Beddows
Great Entertainment - Bob Parker
1954 Closure again - Mark Sawbridge
1953 Friday Night Racing - Mark Sawbridge
1952 In the Third Division - Mark Sawbridge
1951 First time in the League - Mark Sawbridge
1950 Speedway Reminiscences - John Delaney
Monmore Re-opens
- Mark Sawbridge
1930 Wolverhampton Speedway in 1930 - Mark Sawbridge
1929 Wolverhampton Speedway in 1929 - Mark Sawbridge
1928 Wolverhampton Speedway in 1928 - Mark Sawbridge

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