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Picadilly Circus Beegles

Are you sitting comfortably? Good, then we’ll begin.

Welcome to the exclusive story of Wolfcry’s very own fictional speedway team, the Piccadilly Circus ‘Beegles’. We join the story in the close season. A strict new points limit has been introduced, and it is not entirely popular. However, many people feel it is a necessary evil to try to control costs and regulate team strengths. Not our heroes. Joint team managers Colin Cockney and Reggie Perrin are unimpressed.

“Look at those fools building their teams,” says Colin.
“Yes” agrees Reggie. “ It’s only January. We do our team building in April!”
A team is hurriedly thrown together for the first match consisting of 4 seasoned internationals and 3 schoolkids on work experience.

It’s not the best of starts for the Beegles. 2 narrow home wins keep their fans happy, but away from home it’s a different story, and the team is clearly no match for the better-balanced sides. Then comes disaster. Confusion reigns during the home match with the Oxbridge ’Oxen’ as the Beegles track staff accidentally put some shale on the track. The Beegles riders have no idea how to handle the conditions – many of them had never seen shale before – and Oxbridge win the match 56-34. Oxen reserve Larry Rabbit scores an amazing 15-point maximum.

Only one match remains before the new averages are due out, and it’s away to the Grimsby ‘Saxons’. As luck would have it, the Beegles suffer a terrible run of misfortune, with 16 engine failures in 15 races. Swedish international Nils Jameson is worst hit, stopping in every race on the last bend whilst leading! Reggie allows himself a wry smile.

Ironically, this misfortune works in the Beegles favour. The heavy defeats have left the team with low averages, and now the management can make their move. They opt to recall their South American superstar Jose Hammer, who is reunited with long time teammate and very close friend, Emilio Handkerchief. They’re very close friends.

Fans around the country are outraged. How can this be allowed? Isn’t this the team that finished 2nd in the league last year? What happened to fair play and the spirit of the rules?
“You can’t prove a thing” say Reggie and Colin in unison. “You can change the rules next year, but we’ll still find a way around them!”

*** The events and characters portrayed in this story are purely fictional and any similarity to real events and personalities is entirely co-incidental*** (Thank goodness this doesn’t happen in real life!)

Mark Rowe.

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