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Crimewatch W.C.

Northeastshire Police are asking Wolfcry readers to help them catch a particularly nasty criminal who has been impersonating a speedway rider for the past 15 years. Detective Constable Wheelbarrow takes up the story:

“Police are anxious to trace this person before he inflicts more pain and suffering on the general public. The wanted man tricks his way into speedway teams, despite having no riding ability at all. He then tricks money out of well intentioned speedway supporters who fall for his story of being a top speedway star. He seems to target the elderly or those with an abnormally low IQ”.

Wolfcry spoke to one of the wanted mans earliest victims, Reggie Perrin of Manchester:
“Well it all happened so quickly. This curly haired youth knocked on my door and claimed that he had accidentally kicked his ball into my garden. Looking back on it I should have realised that something was up, as I live in a 16th floor flat. Once he had riddled his way into my flat he spotted my collection of speedway memorabilia. He convinced me that he was a top speedway star and I signed him for my team”.

We asked Mr Perrin when he first began to suspect that he had been conned?
“Everything seemed okay at first. He turned up to meetings with all the right equipment, he even knew the names of some of the opposition riders. It was when he started to ride that I first suspected something was wrong. At first he explained that his low scores were due to the change in the tyre regulations. Then he explained that his engine tuner had measles and his dog had eaten his clutch. All perfectly reasonable excuses. It was only when Andy Smith lapped him that I suspected that something was wrong. I finally decided to report the matter to the Police when I noticed that the grass on the centre green had grown by 2 feet during one of his races. By that time the season was over, he had scored 3 points and I had given him 5 new bikes, 4 thousand pounds, 3 French vans, 2 pairs of gloves and a partridge in a pear tree”.

We spoke to Barry Smith a restaurant worker:
“Never heard of it. Do you want fries with your cheeseburger?”

In retrospect the counter staff at our local McDonalds weren’t the ideal people to ask about this matter, but I was hungry. However we had more luck when we spoke to Eric Grimthorpe, a Bradford fan who was conned out of good money by this so-called speedway rider. Eric recalled:
“Eck as like, I remember it like it was only yesterday. He was as useless as a homing pigeon to a Big Issue seller. You could tell he was bad. He was so slow he had to carry a stick to beat off the vultures. He was once attacked by a tortoise, which had been following him for three days. I seem to remember that he drove a van with the words, Paul Thorp International Speedway Rider, on the side”.

If anyone has any information on this menace to society, please contact us. Could you please note that Police have eliminated Paul Thorp from this enquiry. He is a fine rider and Wolfcry intend to prove this in a latter issue by calculating his Monmore Green average.

Dr H. A. Weasly (April 1999)

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