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Answers to Last Month’s Quiz

The winner was Mr Ivor Catamite who wins an all expenses paid round the world trip for two!

1. Colin Pratt is the odd one out as all the others descended from apes.
2. False.
3. 46-44.
4. The most embarrassing moment in Wolves history was when CVS asked Hinge and Bracket to appear at the Olympique.
5. John Perrin, Ben Johnson, Richard Nixon, Maradonna.
6. Worzel Gummidge and the Swindon Robins.
7. No.
8. Yes.
9. Kelvin Tatum, John Merrick, ET.
10. Shane Parker’s mother and a giraffe.
11. 50-40.
12. Hans Nielsen.
13. There Must Be an Angel (Playing With My Heart).
14. Erik Gundersen.
15. Porky, smallpox and Shaun Tacey.
16. Barrow Happyfaces.
17. True.
18. True.
19. Only on a Tuesday.
20. Father Jack Hackett, Ronnie Correy, Oliver Reed.

Dr H.A.Weasly.

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